2016 Elvis Pet Parade and Pageant Winners

Elvis Look A Like Winner

#5– Jozie
2 year old Australian Shepherd
Hobbies: Workiing horses and cows on the farm
Pet’s Favorite Elvis Song: Hound Dog
Pet’s Best Trick: High Five
Pet’s Favorite Food: Pizza

Best Costume Winner

#17 Matlock and #18 Jedi
5 and 8 year old rescued Bichon Frise and Maltipoo
Hobbies: Playing at the dog park and barking at the mailman
Pet’s Favorite Elvis Song: Viva Las Vegas
Pet’s Best Trick: Having fun and hamming it up!
Pet’s Favorite Food: Peanut butter and banana treats

Pet/Owner Look A Like Winner

#7 Cleo
3 year old Chihuahua
Hobbies: Sunbathing
Pet’s Favorite Elvis Song: Kentucky Rain
Pet’s Best Trick: Diva-Princess and Getting belly rubs
Pet’s Favorite Food: Canned pumpkin

Most Unusual Winner

#8 Spuddy
5 year old Jack Russell mix
Hobbies: Barking at UPS and FedEx
Pet’s Favorite Elvis Song: Suspicious Minds
Pet’s Best Trick: Sit, sit, pretty, lay down, rollover, shake, spin and wait for treats
Pet’s Favorite Food: Cheese and peanut butter

Best of Show – Overall Winner

#14 Bennie Bear
7 month old Toy Poodle
Hobbies: Riding in the car and boat, playing with his big brothers and his toys
Pet’s Favorite Elvis Song: Hound Dog
Pet’s Best Trick: Walking and twirling on his back legs and sitting
Pet’s Favorite Food: Bacon and chicken flavored doggie treats

Special Award – Best Public Relations Winner

#1 Tex
1 year old Australian Shepherd
Hobbies: Collecting – mostly baseballs, action figures and hot wheels cars
Pet’s Favorite Elvis Song: That’s Alright Mama
Pet’s Best Trick: Peeling baseballs, looking as if he has never been told he isn’t allowed on the sofa
Pet’s Favorite Food: Hills prescription i/d sensitive diet and fresh carrots