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Our doctors have extensive experience with a wide range of sedatives and anesthetics and will use the optimum combination for your pet and the procedure he or she is having. A comprehensive physical examination is performed on all animals the day of their procedure. Pre-anesthetic blood testing is essential in helping the doctors thoroughly evaluate your pet prior to anesthesia.

All sedated or anesthetized patients are monitored closely including but not limited to heart rate, blood oxygenation levels, blood pressure, core body temperature, respiratory rate, and ecg. All surgical patients have an intravenous catheter placed prior to the procedure and receive peri/intra-operative IV fluid therapy. At Dilworth Small Animal Hospital, we are committed to minimizing discomfort and providing a positive experience for your precious pets. All of our patients receive appropriate medication to prevent and alleviate pain.

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2214 W. Jackson Street
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2214 W. Jackson Street
Tupelo, Mississippi 38801
Phone: 662-842-1118

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